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This website is about the beautiful waltzes in the world, their history, their choreography, waltz dance techniques and generally, the way waltz dances make you feel. Learning how to waltz – in fact, how to ballroom dance generally, is one of the best things I ever did for myself. It is good for your general wellbeing in every way imaginable. It keeps you fit, helps you lose weight, cleanses the pores of your skin, exercises the mind (learning and remembering the steps), gives you the opportunity to creatively express yourself – and when done to good music, stirs and nourishes the soul. Sometimes I wish I had the physical energy to just do it for the rest of my life.

So come along for the journey. Whether you are just a beginner or an experienced dancer, there will be something here for everyone.

You will have the opportunity to not only learn and be inspired, but also to contribute your valuable experience and ideas to pages you will read.

Enjoy the videos, participate in the discussion, feel the passion, grow within yourself and share with others, the graceful and uplifting experiences of waltz dances around the world.

Finally, if you have any particular waltz dance steps which you’d like added to the site, feel free to request by using the “Share Your Thoughts” box at the bottom of each page.

Waltz Dance – Table of Contents

1. Modern Sequence Waltzes
Modern Sequence is a form of dance in which a preset pattern of movements is followed, usually to music whose beat is also predetermined. Sequence dancing may include dances of many different styles, including ballroom dancing. Modern sequence waltzes are normally scripted to 16 bars. In contrast to New Vogue, many of these dance scripts originated in England.

2. Australian New Vogue Waltzes
“New Vogue” is one of the three brands of Dancesport and is uniquely Australian. It is one form of modern sequence dancing – where the dances are all pre-choreographed and done either socially or in competition. When done socially, everyone along the line of dance is seen doing the same steps simultaneously. There are 16 New Vogue dances approved for competition and some of these are waltzes.

3. The Viennese Waltz
The Viennese is not a sequence dance, but an International Standard Ballroom style waltz that should be danced to faster music. It originates from the romantic period in Vienna, Austria – and many orchestral pieces have been composed specifically for it.

4. History of the Waltz

5. Waltz Dance Techniques

6. Waltz Dancing for Beginners

7. Ballroom Dancing

8. International Standard Waltz

9. Glossary of Dance Technical Terms

10. Ballroom Dance Holds

Waltz Dance


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